One Way Baptist Church, Inc.


Our call letters are
“how we display Christ” at our church,



Our Ministry:

Outreach touches the world at large with the good news of Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers.

Worship primary goal is to express to God the esteem in which His people hold Him.

Biblical Education promotes learning among God's people and an obedient response to His Word.

Christian Fellowship is designed to promote the interpersonal caring and sharing of God's people
one to another as an outgrowth of our fellowship with God.

OWBC New Members

Becoming a member of the One Way Baptist Church is more than placing your name on the roll, all of our members are requested to attend an Orientation Class which will provide you with important information about our church operations and our history. In order to become a full-fledged member this class must be completed. A letter from our Administrative Office will inform new members of the next scheduled class.

Keeping in Touch

Once you have completed New Member’s Orientation Class you or your family are placed on a Family Care Ministry Team. These teams are designed to help you get connected and remain plugged into the vision of our church. Each team is made up of Ministers, Deacons, and Servant Leaders, these are representatives that will contact you shortly after the completion of your orientation class. If you are in need of prayer or other spiritual assistances prior to the completion of your class, please call the Administrative Office.