One Way Kids

Nursery 0-5 years

A safe and educational environment is provided for children to allow both the parent(s) and children to enjoy separate services in a manner more conducive to their level of spiritual needs.  While parents attend the adult services, their children will be well cared for and experience biblical growth in a developmental and fun manner.

Student Ministry

Our children are our future, so we strive to assist parents in providing a strong spiritual foundation in the Lord through biblical study, participation in services, a monthly youth-led Sunday worship service, scholarship programs to encourage and support education and a host of engaging activities.  OWBC values the growth of our young disciples and welcomes each to join our ministry.



You have something to offer, and God has a purpose for your life. He has equipped you with Spiritual Gifts and Talents, to serve others and build His kingdom here on earth. We are about helping you discover your ministry so you can be absolutely overjoyed with the satisfaction that comes from serving exactly how and where God designed you to serve.
One Way has opportunities for you to serve in the following areas:



(O) Outreach Ministries:


(W) Worship Ministries:

(B) Biblical Education Ministries:

(C) Christian Fellowship Ministries: